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Our Journey So Far

Meet The Team

Dipanshu Purohit CMO Drone Anatomy

Dipanshu Purohit

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Dipanshu currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Drone Anatomy. Prior to his role at Drone Anatomy, he has worked with celebrity coaches and consultants in the personal development space.

He is an internet marketer, specialized in helping his clients streamline their sales processes and achieve significant results in a short period of time.

Mentored by world's top marketers and coaches, his expertise will be utilized in creating more revenue by means of digital media and leveraging his strong network circle.

Saurabh Jha CEO Drone Anatomy

Saurabh Jha

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Saurabh is a growth hacker based in Delhi with a keen interest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). His passion for drones began at a young age, and he has since honed his skills and knowledge in this exciting field. At the age of 15, he created a drone that garnered recognition.

Throughout his career, Saurabh has maintained a deep interest in the intersection of technology and industry. As he began to develop his skills in creating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), he was driven by a vision to establish a company that could deliver superior UAV solutions, capable of generating significant value across multiple industries.

Mayank Sharma COO Drone Anatomy


Mayank Sharma


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Mayank is working in the field of UAV's for over 9 years. Mayank and saurabh have been teaming up together on various projects.


Mayank has a vast experience in repairing and programming drones. He also has a huge network in the global drone ecosystem.



"Age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurship - young minds bring fresh ideas, boundless energy, and a fearlessness to chase their dreams."

Saurabh started with Drones at the age of 15 and got Awarded in the National Science Exhibition.


"When two minds with a shared passion come together, great things happen - let's make magic!"

Explored industry and met Mayank.


"The feeling of making money together as a team is like rocket fuel for your business - let's keep the momentum going and reach for the stars!"

Excited from the business potential started with their first office.


"Our first product delivery is just the beginning - we're paving the way for a future full of innovation and success!"

Started delivering Made in India drones to Indian Army & met Dipanshu.


"Smart entrepreneurs pivot with the market - by adapting to changing demands, we're not just surviving, we're thriving!"

Started making high pay load drones which market required.


"Risk-taking meets innovation - using drones to sanitize in the time of COVID, we're not just adapting, we're changing the game!"

Actual implementation of high pay load drones during covid for santization purposes.


"Advancing in business is not just about reaching new heights - it's about pushing past boundaries, breaking through barriers, and achieving the impossible!"

Advancement of  business growth 


"Building a team is not just about growing headcount - it's about cultivating a community of leaders, empowering individuals to reach their full potential, and achieving collective greatness!"  so founded DAstrionics technologies Pvt Ltd with a vison to make in India for the world.

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